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  1. Adolescent Classes (2 Saturday sessions with parent or 6-week track): At your designated site, maximum 8 students per
    class. Call for quote and trainers in your area.
  2. Parent Guide: A guide offering advice, examples, tools, and resources for suggested
    conversations that should occur with the adolescent. This guide is used in the classroom curriculum where the parents participate.
  3. Student Workbook: Includes all homework assignments and general guidance as
    referenced from the teaching modules in each class. Only available for 6-week class.
  4. Trainers Guide and Class Kit: All three guides plus CD with all class
    presentations/skits/materials needed for class. Call for details on securing the Play-It-Through
    Trainers Kit.
  5. Train the Trainer: Class conducted by Shannon Rozell, MPA, ADS

Author and Prevention Specialist, Shannon Rozell, authored a curriculum that involves the
Parent(s) and adolescent(s) in education for drug/alcohol use-prevention and

THE GOAL: To create “the other peer pressure” at the parties, football games, sleep-overs, etc. Education empowers adolescents to make better decisions.

The more students we educate, the more that can spread the word of the growing dangers of
mind-altering substances. Also, the more students we educate, the more we are
finding that need a higher level of care because of current use and life’s

Students are taught the facts about current and future ramifications of drug and alcohol use and
encouraged to help others struggling with anxiety and stress of “fitting in.” Students
and parents learn about addiction, recovery and the family approach to
addressing substance use/abuse issues.

While the curriculum has been focused primarily on adolescents who have received their first MIP (minor
in possession), this curriculum is great for every adolescent and parent. Read
the reviews from professionals in the field of addiction:

                      Professional Reviews for

Play-It-Through Teacher’s Guide

 “Shannon Rozell’s Play-It-Through prevention series is both thorough and concise. Every paragraph packs a punch with relevant data and meaningful examples. The parental guidance and tools coupled with student curriculum and assignments clearly educates each family member in the home and prepares the family for setting boundaries, owning decisions and the related consequences and rewards. The program builds on the strengths of each member. I see this as a great prevention education tool for any household.”


Director, Department of Addiction Medicine, Directorate of Behavioral Health

Ft Belvoir Community Hospital

US Army, Department of Defense


After supervising facilitators of a program like this for college students for twelve years I can honestly say this program is comprehensive and very well done. This Play-It-Through Teacher’s Guide is the key to Shannon Rozell’s Adolescent Prevention Program series.  It is easy to read, filled with the tools an instructor needs to engage youth with an opportunity for self-reflection, increased awareness, and peer interaction. It is definitely the program for anyone who cares about young people and welcomes the challenges they bring to what is often a required educational program.

Marie Hansen, Certified Prevention Consultant – Reciprocal (CPC-R)


PRAISE FOR Play-It-Through Prevention Program

“This Play-It-Through series approaches critically important topics with sensitivity, science, and
humor….valuable and long overdue!”    Mark Menestrina, MD, FASAM


The “Play-It-Through” series is an excellent resource for teachers, parents and court systems in
helping adolescents through extraordinarily difficult and important topics. Its
real value may be in avoiding court involvement altogether. I wish I’d have had
this program available when I was on the bench.”

Retired Judge T, Thomas S.
Gilbert, MA, CAADC


Rozell’s Play-It-Through Program is a comprehensive step-by-step guide for clinicians
working with prevention of active substance abusers or addicted adolescents.
Included is everything needed to run a thorough and engaging program for
adolescents. It addresses the needs of adolescents, parents and the teachers
alike. Its content is highly educational, practical, and well thought out. As a
clinician with 17 years of experience in the addiction field, I found myself
excited to use the kit to start my own Play-It-Through Program.”   Lisa Puccio LMSW


PRAISE FOR Play-It-Through Parent Guide

“Shannon Rozell’s Play-It-Through Parent Guide is packed with relevant information from the
start. This is a highly readable, practical, and effective guide for parents of
adolescent substance abusers and addicts. Clinicians and parents alike will
benefit from the wealth of education, research, and sound strategies in this
short, well-organized guide. As a psychotherapist with over 17 years of
experience working with adolescent addicts and their parents, I have seldom
seen a parent tool that gets to the point this quickly and addresses all the
possible angles so well.”    Lisa Puccio, LMSW


“Play-it-Through just makes sense to me. Its style is to the point, realistic, and action-oriented. I
love the fact that Shannon has created a process – and as a leadership and
career coach, I know that real change can only occur over time. Transformation
is not an event, it’s a process. Play-it-Through helps parents, adolescents and
educators learn what alcoholism and addiction means in no-nonsense and real
world language that will inspire participants to take action by making healthy
life choices in what can be a not-so-healthy world.” 

Therese Marie, Leadership & Career Coach and
author of Yes! You Can Land a Job Even in a Crummy Economy


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