Parent Guide is officially  published! Hot off the presses and ready for shipping.


It is the mission of Sheree Ventures LLC to provide quality Interactive Preventative
Educational programs to adolescents and their parents. Through partnerships and
collaborative efforts, we help adolescents “Play-it-through” and to make better
decisions for a brighter future.


Through collaborative efforts with youth groups, community coalitions, schools and
juvenile court systems, Sheree Ventures provides quality interactive
preventative education surrounding issues related to the use of mind altering


Sheree Ventures LLC understands that as an adolescent goes through puberty, life
changing decisions are made. The challenges for an adolescent are very
different today than they were 10 years ago. By educating the family about
genetic history, coupled with today’s “life of an adolescent” and the value of
setting boundaries and realizing consequences, Sheree Ventures strives to make
the transition from child to adolescent to adulthood a positive growth


Sheree Ventures LLC employs people of high ethical values with relevant life experiences used
for educating about addiction. Values combined with experience contribute to
the interactive educational experience. Sheree Ventures vows to uphold its
ethical responsibility of teaching about abstinence while identifying those in
need of a higher level of care or treatment.

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